Honors Program Testimonials

The Honor’s Program has aided in my success at Nassau Community College. The Honor’s Program advisors are very helpful. I graduated high school a full year before my peers and intend on graduating Nassau Community College with an A.S Degree in one year. Having advisors that understand students that are pursuing non-traditional degree paths is essential to my goals. The benefits of the Honors Program are making it possible for me to achieve my academic mission. Early registration ensures that I get the classes that I need and the Honor’s classes will look excellent on my transcript when I transfer to SUNY Stony Brook.

Nassau Community College was a great learning experience with the help of the Honors Program. During my high school career, I suffered a traumatic spinal injury. Despite graduating high school early, my studies suffered. Thanks to the Nassau Community College Honors Program, I received several scholarships and was able to transfer to my first choice school in the program that I wanted. The Honor’s classes at NCC prepared me for the rigorous academic schedule that I currently face as a Biochemistry major at Stony Brook University. These scholarships allowed me to spend more time on my studies and transferring.


Honors Program Scholarship Award Winner
As a student of Nassau Community College and a member of the NCC Honors Program for my two years of attendance, I can honestly say that the Honors Program impacted me in the best way possible. This program welcomed me with open arms and helped me acclimate to college by putting me in classes with students with similar academic standing and abilities as myself.

I met some amazing people in my time at Nassau and ultimately, made friends that I’ll have for the rest of my life and I have the Honors Program to thank for that. Being in this program, and being awarded a scholarship on behalf of this program, helped me gain the confidence to move forward and further my education at Adelphi University and I will always be thankful for that. The experiences that the Honors Program gave to me have been ones that I will never forget and I hope that incoming students will be lucky enough to receive the same opportunities that I did.

The Honors program at NCC is extremely beneficial to the students who are offered the opportunity to be part of this distinguished organization. It has allowed me to realize my dreams, and is also one of the reasons I was able to get into the Transfer Honors Program at Queens College. The knowledge and helpfulness of Prof. Cohen and Prof. Hynes-Musnisky, and the honors club (an extension of the honors program) were both indispensable resources that made my time at Nassau truly remarkable.

Under the guidance of the honors advisors I was able to take honors courses in which the students were passionate about understanding the material and expanding their knowledge. This environment motivated me and others to not only pass the class, but to excel. Prof. Cohen and Prof. Hynes-Musnisky truly care for the students and go above and beyond to help us in any way possible. Their knowledge and expertise makes them truly a valuable asset to every honors student at NCC.

Whenever I was not in class, you would find me in the honors lounge. It was a perfect place to study and make connections with peers. Everyone there is willing to help, making it a great environment for new ideas to thrive. I have had discussions and debates on topics ranging from the economy, to religion, and even politics. We were able to argue while still respecting each other's opinion and expanding our own views.

Some of the greatest lessons I have learned at Nassau have been with my peers in the honors club. Although Nassau is a commuter college, in the lounge it felt as though I’d been rooming with these people for years. I was able to make many lifelong connections. Everyday the Honors program at Nassau made me push myself to be better. Under the guidance and leadership of Prof. Cohen and Prof. Hynes-Musnisky, an environment for learning is able to flourish and the students have access to resources and opportunities created through their own hard work.

After taking a break from high school I had low confidence that I would be able to achieve at the same level as my peers. Once I became eligible for the Honor's program I found myself challenged with my work and put into an environment in which the students I interacted with pushed themselves to be the best person they could be. Being in an environment like this has allowed me to realize my potential and even has afforded me with the opportunity to be published in Veritas the school's Honor's journal.


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