Nassau Community College Online Learning Readiness Survey

Online Learning Readiness Survey

Before enrolling in an online course, you should first assess your readiness for online learning. Your answers to the following questions will help determine what you need to do to succeed in the online learning enviorment. Post-survey feedback will also provide you with information on what you can expect from an online course.

Instructions: You will need approximately 5 minutes to complete this 24 question survey. Choose the most accurate response to each statement. When you have completed the survey, click the "Am I Ready?" button at the bottom to receive your personalized feedback.

Not Sure
1. I understand that learning is my responsibility.
2. I understand that an online class is not easier than a traditional class.
3. I understand that I cannot complete an online course with a smartphone.
4. I am willing to send e-mails to or have online discussions with people I may never meet in person.
5. I am good at setting goals and deadlines for myself.
6. I am self-motivated.
7. I can work on projects through completion.
8. I can keep myself on track and meet deadlines.
9. I enjoy reading and can retain information studying in this manner.
10. I can learn from auditory content, such as lectures, recordings, or podcasts.
11. I am comfortable communicating through writing.
12. I can learn on my own but can benefit from working in a group as well.
13. I have a dedicated study space where I can read and work on assignments without distraction.
14. I can spend 8.5+ hours a week for a 3 credit course.
15. I can organize my coursework in a computer folder for easy reference.
16. I can dedicate a specific time of day or night to work on my studies.
17. I am fairly good at using a computer and sending email.
18. I am comfortable using web browsers and navigating the Internet.
19. I can download files and add attachments.
20. I can use word processing software.
21. I have a computer that runs reliably on Windows or Mac OS.
22. I have Internet access with a fairly fast, reliable connection.
23. I have a printer.
24. I have headphones or speakers and a microphone if a class has a videoconference.

After you answer all of the above questions, click the "Am I Ready?" button. Your results will display below.

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