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The Study Abroad Program allow students to receive an immersive educational experience in their subjects of choice abroad, meet their peers from other countries, experience different cultural contexts, languages and traditions, and learn how to adapt to them. While studying in foreign countries, students also learn more about themselves, their home country and culture through the lens of the global community.

The Benefits Of Studying Abroad

  • Earn academic credit towards your degree program with pre-approved courses.
  • Affordable and financial aid may be applied toward costs of programs.
  • Learn another language or improve your existing language abilities.
  • Gain a competitive edge in the job market or for graduate school. Employers and admission counselors are looking for confident, mature candidates with knowledge of other cultures and peoples, proficient in a second language, with ability to adapt to new situations.
  • Help build your resume. Prospective employers realize how valuable international experience is in today's global marketplace.
  • Re-energize your desire to learn.
  • Gain a new perspective on your field of study. There are courses offered at our partner universities overseas that are not offered here.
  • Enhance your education and enable you to earn credits that bring you closer to graduation.
  • Experience a different culture or the culture of your ancestors.
  • Increase your understanding of world events and gain a different perspective on US, politics, history, and economics.
  • It will expand your understanding of other cultures, which will help you to be more accepting of others.
  • It will increase your independence and self-awareness. Having to survive in a completely new environment will teach you things about yourself you never expected.



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