Game Room

CCB Room 150: 516.572.7148
Students in student union sitting at a table with art and crafts materials as they are decoratign their graduation caps
Students holdign their personally decorated graduation caps
Students looking at eachothers artwork
Students and faculty posing for picture during spring fest event
Students holding their paintings done during a game room event
Student posed with Nassau Mascot Leo the Lion playing billiards in game room
Student standing on campus smiling
Student posed with Nassau Mascot Leo the lion

The Game Room, located in the College Union (Building “U”) is a spot where students can visit between classes and relax or play chess, checkers, scrabble, table tennis, video games, billiards or foosball, as well as other games.

At the lounge you can grab a snack from the vending machine, study for your next class, read a magazine or just meet old friends and make new friends.

Watch for messages on the Cheddar U message system located in the game room for other exciting activities and outings. Come have Fun at “the U”!

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