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Academic/Student Support Services

Nassau offers a range of services to help you succeed in college.  These include academic help centers, tutoring, counseling, and other support services.  For hours of operation and other information, please call the number following each service.

Academic Support Centers/Services

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Accounting/Business Administration (Cluster A, Rm. A309; 516.572.7544 ext.26418): Provides tutoring for students enrolled in accounting and business courses.

Administrative Business Technology (Cluster A, Rm. 115; 516.572.7527): Provides reinforcement for administrative business technology students in Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point), keyboarding, speedwriting, transcription, and desktop publishing courses.

Allied Health Sciences (Cluster E, Rm. 2225; 516.572.9640): Provides extra help in anatomy and physiology courses as well as tutoring and support for students in Allied Health Science s programs (Physical Therapist Assistant, Radiologic Technology, Respiratory Care, and Surgical Technology). 

Art (Building G, 179; 516.572.7162): Provides assistance in ceramics, computer graphics, photography, and printmaking courses.

Biology (Cluster F, Rm. 107; 516.572.7575): Provides tutoring and supplemental instruction for students enrolled in biology classes.

Chemistry (Life Sciences Building, 2-20; 516.572.7580): Provides one-on-one help as well as computerized tutorials for students enrolled in chemistry classes.

Communications (Cluster F, Rm. 117; 516.572.9671): Provides lab for students enrolled in ESL (English as a Second Language) communications classes, as well as tutoring for students in American Sign Language courses.

Engineering/Physics/Technology (Cluster D, Rms. 114 and 218; 516.572.7272): Provides tutoring assistance to students enrolled in physics and other departmental courses.

English (Writing Center, Bradley Hall, first floor; 516.572.7195 and Library, second floor; 516.572.3595): Provides individualized and group instruction in basic as well as advanced levels of expository and creative writing, research and documentation. as well as grammar and usage.  Writing instruction is available to students from all academic disciplines.  Email tutoring is also available.

Fashion Design (Cluster A, Rm. 217; 516. 572.7587): Offers hours for fashion students to work on their projects.

Foreign Languages (Nassau Hall, Rm. 15; 516.572.7416): Provides audio, visual, and computer-assisted language learning materials through the department’s Language Learning Center.

Hospitality Business (Building K; 516.572.7344): Offers assistance with all Microsoft Office programs, as well as hotel front desk software.  Offers hours for Hospitality students to work on their projects.

Interior Design (Cluster A, Rm. 207; 516.572.7587): Offers hours for Interior Design students to work on projects.

Legal Studies (Cluster A, Rm. 107; 516.572.7774): Provides extra or supplementary help in all Legal Studies courses, including Business Law, Introduction to Law, Legal Research and writing and all paralegal courses.  Services include written assignment assistance and review.

Library (Library; 516.572.7408): Offers tutorials, workshops, and courses in research and documentation skills.

Marketing/Retailing/Fashion (Cluster A, Rm. 213; 516.572.7587): Provides extra help for students in MKT 101 and RET 111.

Mathematics/Computer Science/Information Technology: (Math Center – Cluster B, Rm. 130; 516.572.7394; Math Success Center – Cluster B, Rm. 109; 516.572.7930; Math Anxiety Center, Cluster B, Rm. 116; 516.572.7383, ext. 26873): Provides extra help in any math course offered by the Mathematics Department.  Resources include tutoring sessions, solutions manuals, software, and worksheets, as well as assistance in overcoming math anxiety.

Mathematics/Computer Science/Information Technology (Computer Center, Cluster B, Rm. 225; 516.572.7379): Provides extra help in any computer course, including review sessions for students enrolled in Math Department computer courses.  Assistance is available for hardware/software and computer programming.

Music (Building H, Rm. 114; 516.572.7447): Provides assistance to students enrolled in music and studio recording technology classes.

NCC 101: The College Experience (Nassau Hall Room 11, 516.572.7506): Sponsors college success seminar aimed at easing students’ transition to college.  Course helps students improve their study skills, understand the expectations of college, use campus resources effectively, and make the most of their college experience.

Nursing (Life Sciences Building, Rms. 232 and 324; 516.572.9630): Offers web-based computer-assisted programs and other services to enhance nursing students' skills.

Physical Sciences (Cluster D, Rm. 3090; 516.572.7278): Provides assistance to students enrolled in physical sciences courses.

Counseling & Other Student Services

Academic Advisement Center (Student Services Center, Tower; 516.572.7118 and 516.572.7436): Helps liberal arts students select courses and make decisions about their education.  The Center provides information about areas of study and degree options.

Adult Resource Center (Nassau Hall, Rm. 4; 516.572.7141): Provides academic advisement, counseling, and other support services to the college’s mature student (over 25 years of age) population.

Career and Transfer Counseling Center (Nassau Hall, Rm. 19; 516.572.7696; 516.572.7127): Provides individual counseling, workshops, and online resources for students wishing to learn about career opportunities in specific fields.  For students undecided about their area of study, the Career Center also holds workshops that explore the relationship between acadaemic majors and prospective careers. For students planning to transfer after graduation from Nassau, the Center provides advice and guidance about the transfer process. The Center also hosts annual transfer fairs as well as visits from four-year colleges and universities.  The Center provides information about full- and part-time jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities.  Office also sponsors workshops in interviewing skills, resume writing, and related services, as well as an annual spring job fair.

Center for Educational and Retention Counseling (Nassau Hall, Rm. 4; 516.572.7141):  Counselors provide assistance to students who are experiencing academic difficulties.

Center for Students with Disabilities (College Union; 516.572.7241): Provides academic and personal counseling, tutoring and study skills assistance, and other support to students with disabilities.  The Center also supports a Help Lab for students registered with the Center for Students with Disabilities.

Center for Veterans' Affairs (Student Services Center, Tower; 516.572.9755): Helps students who are military veterans obtain information about educational benefits and related services.  Center also sponsors and supports a Student Veterans of NCC Club.

Financial Aid Counseling (Student Services Center, Tower; 516.572.7396) Provides information and advice about financial aid matters, including scholarships, grants, loans, and employment opportunities.

Information Commons (Library, first floor; 516.572.7620) Provides library reference assistance as well as assistance with Internet access and Microsoft office applications. The Library holds workshops aimed at helping students improve their research skills.

International Student Education/Affairs  (Life Sciences Building, Rooms 141-146; 516.572.7053): Provides services to non-immigrant NCC students, including those who have been educated abroad, who hold temporary visas, or who are legal permanent residents of the U.S.

Office of Student Activities (College Center, Rm. 150; 516.572.7148): Sponsors New Student Orientation program aimed at helping students become acquainted with the campus and college life.  Student Activities program also offers leadership training and supports more than one hundred student clubs and organizations.

Psychological Counseling (Nassau Hall, Rm. 14; 516.572.7698): Provides short-term psychotherapy aimed at resolving personal problems and concerns.

Student Health Office (Student Services Center, Tower; 516.572.7123): Provides emergency care, medical care, consultation and referrals, as well as information about health-related issues (diet, communicable diseases, etc.).

Veterans Resource Facility (365 Rice Circle; 572-0056): Provides information about educational benefits, and other support to NCC's student veteran population.  The facility also offers students an opportunity to socialize with other veterans. 

Women’s Resource Center (Nassau Hall, Rm. 39W; 516.572.7696): Hosts discussions and sponsors programs on topics of interest and importance to women.

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