Hate Crimes

The Nassau Community College Public Safety Department is here to ensure that everyone’s experience on campus is a safe and secure one. Below we have outlined what is a "Hate Crime."

A Hate Crime is when any crime is committed but the motivation for the offense was based on the victim’s race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, national origin, gender identity, or disability.

Anyone who feels they may be a victim to one of these crimes can file a report with Public Safety, Dean of Students and the Affirmative Action Office.


The New York State Education Law requires colleges to report and post incidents of Hate Crime offenses as a separate, clearly designated category on their website. The Hate Crime statistics are available for your viewing and are here for reporting purposes only. Below you will find the last 2 calendar year Hate Crime statistics as well as the current calendar year that will be updated in real time throughout the year. Please take time to read these stats' and familiarize yourself with the above given information.

Hate Crimes
Calendar Year Category On Campus Non-Campus Public Property
2022 Religion 2 0 0
2023 Gender 1 0 0
Religion 1 0 0
2024 N/A 0 0 0
Unfounded Crimes
(Investigated by law enforcement and declared unfounded)
2022: 0 2023: 0 2024: 0

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