Vehicle Registration Program Information


Please be advised that you MUST be a registered and paid NCC student prior to ordering a vehicle registration permit. In addition, please have the following information ready in order to continue onto the application screen:

  • Your name and address
  • Plate number of vehicle being registered
  • Name of the registered owner of the vehicle
  • N # (Banner ID) is required (This is to verify student enrollment  and payment at NCC)
  • Credit or debit card number and expiration date (if this is how you are paying)
  • Email address (if you do not have an e-mail address, please click here)

Please understand that the application process will not be complete until your payment information and registration have been authenticated.


Sign into MyNCC | click on Financial | click on Vehicle Registration Permit.

Terms and Conditions for NCC Student Parking Permits

Who can purchase a Student Parking Permit?

Students who are registered and fully paid, on the payment plan or completed financial aid processing and have sufficient aid for the semester are eligible to purchase a Student Parking Permit.

All parking on campus is by permit only.

Student Parking Permits entitle the bearer to park in parking stalls designated for Students. It does not entitle the bearer to park in spaces designated for Faculty, Staff, or Handicapped. The bearer of a Student Parking Permit, who is also the bearer of a valid Handicapped Parking Permit issued to them may park in a Handicapped Parking Spot. All permits must be fully displayed. Violations of these conditions may subject the bearer to enforcement activities.

If a Student drops all classes is he or she entitled to a refund?

Permit sales are non-refundable. However, if a class is cancelled by the college or the student has extenuating circumstances, the matter will be considered by Public Safety on a case-by case basis. If approved, the student must surrender the parking permit to Public Safety before a refund can be issued.

Are permits transferable?

Student Parking Permits are transferable, should you need to use a different car.  Any changes that are necessary can be made at the Public Safety Office.

Permits, in general.

Each parking permit is associated with one car. Students may register more than one car. Should a student have a problem with the car that they registered, they can stop at the Public Safety Office for assistance in resolving permit problems. Please feel free to email the Public Safety deparment with any issues for a faster response at Any guests in need of a daily parking pass may come to the main office at any time to obtain a daily parking pass.

Map references.

Campus maps refer to parking lots being intended for use by students and visitors. If you’re a student, you’re not a visitor; you’re a student. All students who drive to campus and park on campus must have a Student Parking Permit, or they may be subject to enforcement activities. You’re a student if you’re taking a class here, even if you go to another school.

Enforcement Activities.

Enforcement activities on campus are answerable at the Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency. TPVA is located at 801 Axinn Ave. Garden City NY, 11530. Their General Information phone number is 516.572.2700.

Vehicle Registration Program Information

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