Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work

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Phone: 516.572.7181
Location: Bldg. G - 155
Chairperson: Dr. Rosemary DeRiso


Sociology, anthropology and community service, courses allow students to investigate the social world in greater detail. Our courses explore the kinds of questions that arise as soon as we start to look more closely at the world around us. Why is there economic and social inequality in American society? Why are some nations rich while others are poor? Are anti-drug policies effective? How do we explain why some people commit crimes? How are different religions organized, and how do they fit into societies? Are "traditional" gender roles really traditional? How are important elements of identity like gender, ethnicity, race, class, sexuality, socially constructed? How can we change the world we live in, and how does it shape our lives? How is health care delivered? How do consumer practices shape our lives? What kinds of struggles do typical families face today?

Sociology and anthropology courses are designed to meet the needs of general liberal arts and social science students as well as those planning to pursue sociology or anthropology majors at the baccalaureate level and beyond. Community service courses are designed to help students explore career options within social work and human services, and are incorporated into our two year AA degree in Human Services. Please click here for more information.

Center for Catholic Studies

The mission of the Center for Catholic Studies is to introduce the Catholic intellectual and social policy traditions for reflection and discussion throughout the College and outside community. It does so through a variety of forums: conferences, lectures, seminars, debates, non-credit courses and radio programs.

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