SUNY Seamless Transfer

Nassau Community College (NCC) is a member college of the State University of New York (SUNY) system. While completing an Associate's Degree at NCC, you can plan for a seamless transfer to any of SUNY's four-year colleges or universities in pursuit of a Bachelor's Degree. Doing so enables you to enter with junior status and allows you to complete the Bachelor's degree in your final two years of college.If you wish to achieve a seamless transfer after completing your Associate's Degree at NCC, you must complete seven of the ten SUNY General Education Requirements (SUNY GER) and should complete courses included in the specific SUNY Transfer Path for your intended major at the 4-year SUNY college.


The Bachelor's degree at a SUNY school includes 30 credits of SUNY General Education Requirements in at least 7 of the 10 areas listed below. While completing your Associate's Degree at NCC, complete courses in at least seven of these ten SUNY GER categories:

  • SUNY GER Basic Communication (GBCM) - REQUIRED
  • SUNY GER The Arts (GART)
  • SUNY GER Humanities (GHUM)
  • SUNY GER Natural Sciences (GLAB)
  • SUNY GER Foreign Language (GFOL)
  • SUNY GER Social Sciences (GSBS)
  • SUNY GER American History (GAMH)
  • SUNY GER Western Civilization (GWEH)
  • SUNY GER Other World Civilization (GOWC)

For many degree programs, completing the requirements for your NCC degree will also achieve completion of seven SUNY GER requirements, since the degree programs were developed to include these courses. In some programs, including Liberal Arts, if you want to achieve a seamless transfer to a SUNY school, you must specifically plan for completing courses in these SUNY GER categories while completing the requirements for your program. Please note: not all SUNY GER categories coincide with NCC requirements. Be certain to select courses that meet your degree requirements AND a SUNY GER if you are planning a seamless transfer.

How do I find out which courses meet a SUNY GER requirement?

Courses that meet a SUNY GER are assigned the corresponding "Attribute Type." These attributes are listed in the course descriptions and can be used as a search parameter when registering for courses in the MyNCC portal.

To search in the MyNCC Portal for courses that meet a SUNY General Education Requirement (SUNY GER):

  1. Go to your Registration Information menu and click on Look Up Classes or Add or Drop Classes.
  2. Use Advanced Search.
  3. In the Attribute Type field, highlight the desired SUNY GER, as indicated in the list below:
    GAMH SUNY GER American History GMAT SUNY GER Math
    GART SUNY GER The Arts GLAB SUNY GER Natural Sciences
    GBCM SUNY GER Basic Communication GOWC SUNY GER Other World Civilizations
    GFOL SUNY GER Foreign Language GSBS SUNY GER Social Sciences
    GHUM SUNY GER Humanities GWEH SUNY GER Western Civilization
  4. Click Section Search. 5. Results will display courses that you may select to meet the corresponding SUNY GER. 


If you plan to pursue a Bachelor's Degree at a SUNY school, you should complete the lower level requirements for your intended major while earning the Associate's Degree at NCC.  Many NCC degree programs already include these requirements, so earning your degree will keep you on track for junior status in the same major at a SUNY school.

If you are pursuing a Liberal Arts Degree at NCC and plan to transfer to a specific major at a SUNY school, you can also plan for a seamless transfer.  Start by reviewing the Transfer Path for your intended major to determine which courses should be completed as part of your Associate's Degree, so you can transfer to a 4-year SUNY college or university with junior status.  

Visit for a list of SUNY Transfer Paths as well as information on SUNY Transfer Policies, Steps to Transfer, planning tools and course equivalencies. 

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